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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

A garbage disposal, also known as a waste disposal unit, is an electrically powered device that is installed under a kitchen sink to shred food waste into small pieces that can be easily flushed down the drain. They are a convenient and environmentally friendly addition to a kitchen, but not without drawbacks. Garbage disposals are vulnerable to clogging and breaking down over time. Fortunately, garbage disposal repair or a garbage disposal replacement in Morgantown is just one call away. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Morgantown to schedule a convenient appointment or request an urgent garbage disposal repair in Morgantown today.


Get kitchen sink garbage disposal repair or replacement today.

Signs of a faulty garbage disposal

A functional garbage disposal installation can offer a ton of convenience and reduce the risk of kitchen drain clogging. It is not perfect though. The garbage disposal is vulnerable to wear and tear, clogging, and accidental damage. Avoid disposing of non-food items or hard, fibrous foods like bones and fruit peels. Also get in the habit of regularly cleaning it out. Some signs that your garbage disposal is faulty include:

  • Strange noises: Grinding, whirring, and banging sounds can be a sign of mechanical issues.
  • Slow drainage: This is a tell-tale sign of a blockage.
  • Foul odors: If you are not regularly cleaning the garbage disposal, you might notice a foul smell come from the kitchen sink.
  • Leaking: Faulty seals or pipe connections as well as a damaged garbage disposal can cause leaks under your sink.
  • Doesn’t turn on: This can be due to a faulty electrical connection. Try resetting the circuit breaker.

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage or costly repairs. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is at your service when your kitchen sink garbage disposal installation in Morgantown starts acting up.

Time for a new garbage disposal?

The average garbage disposal can last 10 years provided it was properly installed and cared for. Accidental damage and neglect can cut that life expectancy short though. While many problems with garbage disposals can be repaired, there are some issues that may be irreparable. Examples of irreparable damage that call for a garbage disposal replacement include:

  • A cracked or damaged housing
  • An overheated or otherwise damaged motor
  • Severely damaged impellers

The professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing will exhaust every solution before resorting to a complete replacement, but the issues mentioned above are usually too expensive to repair, making a replacement the cost-effective option.


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Emergency Garbage Disposal Repair in Morgantown, WV

You don’t have to wait through the weekend or the holidays to have your garbage disposal repaired. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to request an emergency garbage disposal repair in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.


Jennifer Boord
Waynesburg, PA

He was amazing!!!! Seriously my hero! It was raining in my living room and he came in, figured out the problem and fixed it so fast! Then he fixed a bunch of other stuff while he was here I wasn’t expecting! So sweet with my kids and my pets too! I’ll definitely be calling him back for my next plumbing needs!!

Jacki Parish
Westover, WV

Unfortunate to have a drain backup on a holiday and thought we would have to wait until Monday. I called and Desimond was with us within a couple of hours. He was friendly, professional and did a great job unclogging our drains. Would recommend to anyone, great service.

Jessica Bosnic
Morgantown, WV

I had the pleasure of having Grant Cameron come work on our outdoor cistern. It was his first day with Mr Rooter and you’d never know. He was fantastic. Can’t begin to explain how grateful we were for his services. Mr Rooter is better for having him. We will def be a return customer.